Come Worship and be Touched by Spirit.

The United Spiritualists of the Christ Light is a Spiritualist church located in the northeastern section of Cincinnati, Ohio (approximately 2 miles west of the Tri-County Mall). We provide a compassionate, accepting and casual environment for anyone who is curious or wishes to learn more about Spiritualism.  We hold worship services every Sunday, and offer information on additional topics in the form of relaxed and open conversations, along with a more structured Mediumship Development program.

We invite you to join with us at our Sunday worship service as we unite to honor Mother/Father God and rejoice in the demonstrated fact of continuous life. Our community offers support, encouragement and celebration. We look forward to making your acquaintance.

Our phone number is (513) 891 – 5424.  We’re currently located on the second floor (in suite 212/214) of 270 Northland Blvd in the CMC Office Park.  The address is 270 Northland Blvd., Suite 212; Cincinnati OH 45246.  The building is situated roughly 2.5 miles off I-275 (Route 747 exit). The 270 building is just behind the 260 building, which faces Northland Boulevard and is obviously marked and easy to find.  When entering the driveway by the 260 building, bear to the left of the 260 building and drive around to find the 270 building.  There is an entrance in the front, which will bring you in on the 1st floor – and an entrance in the rear, which will bring you in on the 2nd floor.  Our Sanctuary is on the 2nd floor (Suites 212/214) and offices/fellowship/classrooms are on the 1st floor (Suites 109, 111, 113).  There is an elevator or you may use the steps.  Our first Sunday Service at this location will be Sunday Feb. 11th at 10:30am.

From Northland Blvd, you will see:

Pull in at this drive and drive to the left of the 260 building to find the 270 building behind it (the address is at the top left of the building):





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