At U.S.C.L., we recognize that certain events we encounter in life can cause stress, physical discomfort and dis-ease. We also recognize and accept that all healing comes from Mother/Father God and that these manifestations can be assisted in their healing process, as the Master Jesus taught and demonstrated.

Before each Sunday morning worship service, from 9:50 to 10:20 A.M., we provide the opportunity for you to sit with a certified spiritual healer, free of charge.  Spiritual healers act as a channel to convey the flow of energy from God to the physical body. Prayer is included in the healing process because it  focuses the intent of those present and openly acknowledges that there is a higher power than the self at the source of the healing.

Please understand and remember that both U.S.C.L. and the healers believe energy healings are meant to boost and supplement your recovery. They are not offered as or meant to be a substitute for medical care. Please seek the opinion of a licensed physician for any and all health concerns.

If you have questions about this process or wish to speak to someone about assisting with it, please call us at (513) 891 – 5424 or send an email to ministers@uscl.org.

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