Sunday Worship Service

Our worship service begins every Sunday morning at 10:30 and ends as close to 11:45 as events will allow.  Each service includes prayer, singing, a sermon or lecture delivered by a minister or guest speaker, a guided meditation, an offering collection and announcements, and concludes with messages from spirit guides, spirit teachers and loved ones who have made the transition we call death.  If you’d like to learn more about the process of communication between our world and the world of spirit, please visit the Messages and Readings page.

The time before the service begins may be spent in quiet reflection, mingling with other worshipers or sitting for a supplemental healing session. For more information on these sessions, please visit the Healing page.

We happily invite you to join us for a time of fellowship and free refreshments immediately following each service. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet other like-minded people and find out more about the church in a casual and friendly setting.

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