About Spiritualism

Spiritualism is considered to be a religion, science and philosophy of continuous life. It’s based on the demonstrated fact of communication with those who live in the spirit world. This process of communication is called mediumship. The information is received through what are typically called “messages” and/or “readings“.

Spiritualism is a religion because it tries to understand and comply with the Natural Laws. These are God’s laws and they cover the physical, mental and spiritual planes.

It’s a science because it investigates, analyzes and classifies facts and manifestations demonstrated from the spirit side of life.

It’s a philosophy because it studies the laws of nature, both here and in the worlds beyond, and bases its conclusions on present, observed facts.  It will accept statements of fact and the conclusions drawn from others and at other times when there is supporting evidence and the conclusions are logical.

As Spiritualists, we believe in the mediumistic communication between this world and the spirit world (i.e., Heaven) and use this belief to form the foundation of our religion. In addition, we try to direct our character and conduct to follow the highest teachings derived from this communication.

As part of Spiritualism, we accept and follow the teachings and example of the Christ Consciousness as exemplified by the Master Jesus. The Christ Consciousness is pure love (i.e., enlightenment). We recognize Jesus as being enlightened, a master teacher and the greatest healer and prophet of this world.

Spirit communication, healing, prophecy, and other phenomena of Spiritualism do not conflict with the teachings of Jesus. Jesus himself demonstrated the gifts manifested by the power of the Holy Spirit, and he encouraged his followers to carry on his ministry on Earth, telling them in John 14: 11 – 13 that whoever believes in him will do as he did and greater. We have taken this to heart and develop and practice spiritual gifts for the edification and empowerment of the individual in service to God and humankind.

Most faiths have a set of doctrines or creeds that explain what they believe. In Spiritualism, our ministry is based on fifteen principles, which in turn are based on the Golden Rule, Natural Law, the continuity of life and personal responsibility.


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